What If

I’m sitting on a bench feeling
The bright shining sun touching my skin,
Yet only my soul doesn't feel relumined.

My thoughts are everywhere,
Thinking about what I lost
What the past brought me
What I want to become.
I try to imagine how life was if all wishes would come true
Would I be happy? What is it that I am missing?
My thoughts are twisting
Feels like I'm everywhere but after all
Far away from the place I left my body at.
How much will I change?
Will there be changes at all?

Having 1000 questions on my mind
I am hearing a whisper in my ear
I stand up and walk away thinking;
There is only one way to find out.

1.7.10 15:24


some thoughts 

I look at a mirror... a mirror that shows the simply truth
Honest without sympathy
I see a smile but the smile fades away
There is a tear running down my face

I am thinking about my life about him
How it hurts me to see him like that
And in the same moment I feel ashamed
Am I only thinking about myself?

Every time I see him I feel insecure
My heart starts to beat faster
I feel the pain inside but instead of crying I fake a smile
Every time I feel his look on my skin
I wonder if he knows how I feel.
Does he feel the pain and if... how can I hide it better?

I close my eyes. Breathe in, breathe out
Open my eyes. A look at the mirror
Only one thought on my mind…
The show must go on

16.12.09 15:12

entire happiness between two souls

 searching looks
a gentle touch
a million stars sparkle in your eyes

the red moon spies through the window
blazes the trail to the canopy bed
the lovers are devoting love to each other

touching your smooth hair
a seductive melody flows through the bodies
a feeling I haven’t felt before in a mellow mood

feathers are falling without making noise
a sweet smell fulfils the room
breathing sighs show unconditional intimacy

i breeze. butterflies under my heart
getting gooseflesh while I have this glowing feelings
seems like entire happiness between two souls

a bright smile on the lips
a last sweet sigh of the glowing bodies
whispering softly „i love you“

8.11.09 13:07



what would world be like without inspiration?
I can't even imagine
if you ask me inspiration is everywhere
it can me music, people arround you, a role model, art, a movie, a book

everyone has his source of inspiration, hos own taste
that's how it always has been
but is inspiration always positive?
probabbly not

a lot og bad things happen in world
is this also caused by some sort of inspiration?
I would love to know. maybe it is
i never thought about it before

maybe world would be peaceful
if we would talk more about our sources of inspiration
and not about what it caused to
think about it.
8.11.09 13:05

no h8?

no h8?

does it ever end

till i remember people are saying

they want a peaceful world

but there is still war

people are fighting

young girls are dying

kids become soldiers

will it ever end?

probabbly not

everyone of us is having issues with other people

this is the place where everything start

is there a religion saying fighting is the right thing?

not as far as i know

in every religion it says

love the peole around you

so what is it that messes up everything?

maybe selfishness of human being?

i can't think about another one

there is no perfect person out there

it seems like it is a circle

& will never end

the only thing that is left is hope.

it is the last thing to lost

life might be game

if you loose hope

it's game over

so let's hope world will change at least one day

13.10.09 11:25

L. :)

If i remember back
I don't know if i should smile or cry
my heart is full of joy
meanwhile the same time it hurts

the beautiful time we sepnd
went by as fast as
a raindrop falls down
from sky to the ground

but our friendship is meant to last
to survive the time
even we are seperated
and have this huge distance between us

you know i'll always stand behind your back
supporting you no mather what
time has taught me many things
the impossible can become possible

i would love to say all this things into your face
after we saw us for a last time so much changed
i didn't notice how important you are as a friend
till you weren't arround all day

it must have been destiny i just talked to you as a stranger the first say
my best french friend i love you

remember: you&me = always fun  ;D

cu soon

13.10.09 10:29


out&about moi 


most important i am 19 years old

and addicted to music

especially to

pcd [jessica sutta] & delta goodrem

i am here to write some of my thoughts

& poetry stuff

so that was my short introduction

peace out. xx


13.10.09 10:00

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