L. :)

If i remember back
I don't know if i should smile or cry
my heart is full of joy
meanwhile the same time it hurts

the beautiful time we sepnd
went by as fast as
a raindrop falls down
from sky to the ground

but our friendship is meant to last
to survive the time
even we are seperated
and have this huge distance between us

you know i'll always stand behind your back
supporting you no mather what
time has taught me many things
the impossible can become possible

i would love to say all this things into your face
after we saw us for a last time so much changed
i didn't notice how important you are as a friend
till you weren't arround all day

it must have been destiny i just talked to you as a stranger the first say
my best french friend i love you

remember: you&me = always fun  ;D

cu soon

13.10.09 10:29


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