no h8?

no h8?

does it ever end

till i remember people are saying

they want a peaceful world

but there is still war

people are fighting

young girls are dying

kids become soldiers

will it ever end?

probabbly not

everyone of us is having issues with other people

this is the place where everything start

is there a religion saying fighting is the right thing?

not as far as i know

in every religion it says

love the peole around you

so what is it that messes up everything?

maybe selfishness of human being?

i can't think about another one

there is no perfect person out there

it seems like it is a circle

& will never end

the only thing that is left is hope.

it is the last thing to lost

life might be game

if you loose hope

it's game over

so let's hope world will change at least one day

13.10.09 11:25


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